Legends of Runterra To Launch on Mobile on April 30th

Shounak Sengupta
5/Apr/2020 08:03 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Riot Games

  • LoR will launch officially for PC, Android and iOS on 30th of April

League of Legend's card game, Legends of Runterra will be launching for the mobile platform on the 30th of April according to an official announcement made by the publisher. The game will be available on PC, Android and iOS at the end of the month. 

Unlike the PC version, you won't need a Riot account to play the game on mobile. However to enable cross platform play, a Riot account is necessary. At the moment, the game is in beta and only playable via PC, but it will be officially launched for all platforms together. The only catch is that Legends on Runterra will not be available in China and Vietnam at the time of launch. 

Will the Card Game Genre Be able to make a comeback?

The card game genre is largely centered around Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone at the moment. While MTG's hardcore nature makes it hard to pull in new players, Hearthstone has been around long enough and has started to lose both players and interest from a competitive standpoint. Valve's Artifact was expected to take command, but was a failure of epic proportions. LoR's release should have initial interest, but the challenge is to keep the title relevant and sustainable. With Riot focusing on multiple projects such as Valorant, Team Fight Tactics and Legends of the Wild Rift at the moment, it will be interesting to see where the fate of LoR lies?


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