TSM-Entity Leads The Way On Day 1 of #GamingForGood; Community Donates Over 16K INR

Shounak Sengupta
3/Apr/2020 06:34 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @TSM India

The Charity tournament #GamingForGood kicked off earlier today with TSM-Entity ending the day on top spot with 2 chicken diners. The team showcased their signature fragging power with star player Jonathan picking up 22 kills in just 6 maps; nearly half of his team’s tally of 46. Team SouL are in second position at the end of day 1, while Nepal’s Elementrix finished in third place. 

Image via @Village Esports

Although the entire tournament is being conducted for charity, there was no shortage of action as teams put in their best to try and claim the first spot. SouL, 8bit, Megastars and UMumba all ended the day with one chicken dinner each, while there was no stopping the TSM-Entity juggernaut from smashing their opponents, map after map. 

Image via @Villager Esports

The competition is far from over with two more days of action and 12 maps remaining. TSM-Entity have made a strong statement on the opening day, but anything can happen as we head into the next 2 days. However, let's not forget the root cause of this tournament and that is to raise money for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The community stepped up to donate over 16,000 INR on day 1 and we hope for similar level of support and enthusiasm on the remaining days. Contributions can be made in any amounts via Paytm donations to the official GamingForGood number +91 9326786524. 


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