PMPL Indonesia Finals - The Pillars Slayer on Top as Bigetron Mount late Comeback on Day 1

Shounak Sengupta
3/Apr/2020 03:02 pm

Cover, thumbnail and images via @PUBG Mobile Indonesia

Day 1 of the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia Finals saw The Pillars Slayer take a small lead, thanks to a double chicken dinner performance. While this was only the first day of the three day event, the margin for error is extremely small as some of the top teams in PMPL already found out last month. What's interesting is TPS were the lowest seeded team coming into the finals, having placed in 16th position in the league phase. 

A good performance in the League stage means nothing in the finals and favorites, Bigetron will have to remember this as they navigate the treacherous waters of the finals. What was a slow start for the team was ultimately converted into a significantly better finish as the team ended the day in second place, 10 shy of the top spot. Anything other than the top spot will be a disappointment for BTR as being the defending world champions, the team want to secure their place in the World League East Division. 

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The Fight for The Top Three 

Bigetron’s late surge saw the team take second place and then first in the final two games of day 1 and it allowed them to jump to the second place on the table. Third places Louvre and 4th placed Red Rocket Cosmic were the only teams to be able to secure chicken diners on the opening day. Only the top 3 teams will move onto the SEA Finals stage while the team who wins PMPL Indonesia will get a secured spot in PMWL East. 

Final standings at the end of Day 1  

Day 2 and 3 will see 6 games being played out on each day as PMPL Indonesia picks up the action, once again tomorrow. Stay tuned for all the updates and news from the tournament. 


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