Indian PUBG Mobile Streamer Stevezdad Donates INR 1 Lakh For COVID-19 Relief

Shounak Sengupta
1/Apr/2020 12:22 pm

Indian PUBG Mobile streamer, Robin ‘Stevezdad’ Gupta has donated INR 1 Lakh (USD 1,310) to the PMNRF or Prime Minister National Relief Fund to help those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The streamer who primarily streams on Facebook, has also pledged to do charity streams till the 14th of April i.e the day when the nationwide lock down is set to come to an end. 

Speaking to AFK Gaming Robins said “I’m just doing my part. I felt that for the first time the Government is actually doing something for the nation as a whole. I felt a strong duty to help.”

It is yet another example of how the gaming community and its stakeholders are using their platforms for a good cause and how gamers can positively impact the entire community. In these trying times, it's imperative that each one steps up and does their bit to help put in whatever way they can and it's great to see someone like Stevezdad taking charge. A lot of other streamers too have been streaming for a good cause and we hope that examples like these continue to inspire and motivate the community. 

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