Fnatic Apologizes For Scout’s Outburst on Stream; “Will Take Necessary Actions”

Shounak Sengupta
26/Mar/2020 04:20 pm

Fnatic India have apologized for the actions of one of their players, Tanmay ‘Sc0utOP’ Singh ,after the player went off on a particular team during a scrim match that he was streaming. The incident saw Scout call out UMumba for challenging him and his team at their drop point and he was not pleased after being taken out, vowing to take revenge in official matches. 

The incident took place during a scrim as Fnatic were contested on their drop spot in Bootcamp on Sanhok. The team did not expect to be challenged and were caught off guard as UMumba Rxn managed to pick them off. This did not go down well with Scout who was upset at UMumba for challenging their drop. In a fit of rage, Scout vowed to take revenge using the choicest of words and said that he would  target UMumba in the official PMPL matches. While it was apparent that the reaction was spontaneous and as such something that the hot-headed player is known to do, his fans decided to take it one step further as they personally messaged UMumba’s captain Bhishma to let their displeasure be known. 

While teams have a silent code on drop spots and drop locations in official matches and scrims, incidents like teams dropping on each other have often been a matter of contention in the past. However, players do tend to forget that no one owns the map and every team has the right to drop where they want to. Nonetheless, Scout’s reaction was immature and downright toxic, and something that should have been coming from a player wearing the Fnatic jersey. When Bhishma called him and his organization out on this, Fnatic responded quickly, apologizing for Scout’s actions and urging their fans to not message Bhishma. 


Left to Right: Bhishma shares screenshot of getting harassed by Fnatic fans; Bhishma calls out Scout over un-sportsman like conduct; Fnatic apologizes. Images via @Bhishmashah_097 and @fnatic_pubgm

The incident itself isn’t the most drama inducing as players are known to get worked up in scrims and matches. It’s great to see Fnatic recognize the incident and apologize and it seems as if Bhishma has accepted the apology as he did reshare the post. However, there are no excuses for fans who think that it is okay to message a player and threaten/taunt them and these are definitely the people who deserve to be axed from the community. 

While the incident is a great learning experience one can certainly hope that it adds a bit of spice when the official matches for PMPL South Asia kicks off. With UMumba in first place and Fnatic in sixth, the rivalry between the two team has certainly been taken up a notch. 


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