PMPL Thailand - Faze and RRQ Showdown To Come To and End On Final Day

Shounak Sengupta
20/Mar/2020 08:03 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @rrqthai

As predicted, the winner of the Faze and RRQ Athena rivalry will be decided on the final day of the competition. Both teams played out their first set of matches yesterday and had a tough going. In fact, this was one of the lowest points tally for both teams on a single day. However, RRQ still finished with a 6 point lead over Faze and will go onto the final day with a 23 point advantage. 

The rest of the teams are too far behind these two teams and realistically aren't in contention for the top spot. The team who finishes on top will qualify for PMWL East, while everyone else will have to go via the Thailand Finals and then the SEA Finals. Both Faze and RRQ are in Group A and will not playing tomorrow, which means that on the final day, ie, 23rd of March the last 5 games will decide the winner. 

The top 16 teams will still be playing in the Thailand finals for a 81K USD prize pool with the two teams who finish with highest points in the Thailand Finals. At this point, the top 16 teams in PMPL look to be decided as there is a 50+ point lead between the 16th and 17th placed team. However, the final list of teams can only be determined on the 23rd. 


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