Riot Games Announces Teamfight Tactics for Mobile Devices

Shounak Sengupta
17/Mar/2020 06:47 pm

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Riot’s Teamfight Tactics or TFT will be released for mobile devices on March 19th. The autobattler is Riot’s answer to a new category of games introduced by a custom game known as Dota Auto Chess within the Dota 2 client. The autobattler genre has been immensely popular as it’s innovative gameplay has attracted a lot of gamers from other genres. It’s casual yet engaging approach has found positive reviews from a lot of gamers and Riot’s TFT has grown to be the title which has over 80 million players since it’s launch in 2019.

The Mobile version of TFT will allow cross play with TFT on PC which is good news for both communities. The Mobile version will also be released with a new content pack called Galaxies which includes skins, themes and other aesthetic features. A tutorial will also be released for players on mobile along with a Galaxy Pass for those looking to unlock more. Existing features from the PC version such as Ranked Play will also be available on Mobile. 

“Since launching TFT on PC just last year, we've been overwhelmed by the incredible response from players,” said Dax Andrus, TFT Product Lead. “Players have been asking us for more ways to play TFT, and we’re excited to share a mobile version that feels authentic to the PC experience while also keeping in mind the nuances and optimization features that mobile players love."

However, it is important to note that while a closed beta will be available in select regions starting today, the game's official release on March 19th will cover most regions along with cross play enabled. Player's will have to use their Riot accounts to play the game. The game will not however be immediately accessible in China and SEA and even when it is released cross platform play will not be immediately possible. This is likely due to previously made deals with local partners such as Garena who do have the rights to the game. 


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