Cloud 9’s Sixless at Loggerheads With Indian Community Over Controversial Comments

Shounak Sengupta
17/Mar/2020 04:20 pm

One of NA’s top PUBG Mobile stars, Brandon Cole ‘Sixless’ Patterson, found himself in the middle of an emerging controversy after taking on Indian fans and community members. Reacting to comments made by SouL’s Aman on his stream, Sixless went ahead and unleashed some pretty controversial opinions on his Instagram, further angering Indian fans. 

The incident started off earlier last week when the pro player had a series of back and forth ex between him and a member of the Indian community. The tweets were noticed by SouL’s Aman who reacted to them on his stream calling him the next Ibe. Reacting to this, Sixless posted a series of controversial opinions on his handle, which further escalated the situation and caused more animosity between him and the Indian community. 

Sixless said that Sc0ut, Jonathan and Daljitsk were the only three Indian players who had the skills to perform on an international level and many of the other big names aren't as good as people claim. He also praised Entity and Fnatic, but at the same time criticized the Indian fans for their fickle minded nature and toxic attitudes, highlighting a recent incident where fans turned on MortaL after a poor performance in scrims.  

The comments certainly haven’t gone unnoticed and knowing the Indian community, is bound to escalate. Sixless’s brash and cocky personality along with his straight talking social media game has ticked off quite a few people in the past, but the young gun has always stayed true to his nature. However, it seems as if he did lose his cool earlier today and some of the comments made by him are unnecessary and counterproductive. At a time when it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the community and build your brand correctly, this move will certainly not have the best consequence for Sixless. 

However, we do urge the Indian community to not take everything so seriously get so worked up about everything. There is no doubt that the Indian teams have a lot to prove on the international stage and there is some sense of truth about what Sixless has said. While his tone may have been inflammatory, some of the points he makes about the toxicity among Indian fans is very much valid. At this point, it seems as if the best thing to do is to move on from this incident and not add fuel to the fire. Sending messages to the player and threatening and abusing him, sends a bad message to everyone and is not something anyone should be doing. Some pretty big and well known players such as Carry and Ghatak have also shared their opinions via their Instagram. Unfortunately, the sort of reaction that Carry has had only serves to spread more toxicity and is not befitting of a player who wants to represent India at an international level. The reaction itself is immature and unnecessary and the language used is extremely crude, violent and trans-phobic. 

We have reached out to Sixless to get his comments on the issue, there has been no comment made at the time of writing.



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