Indian Players and Casters Call out Mafia Cup Organizers for Non Payment of Prize money and Dues

Shounak Sengupta
17/Mar/2020 10:44 am

Prominent players in the Indian community, Ghatak and Carry have called out the organizers of Mafia Cup. According to Ghatak, who is a part of Entity Gaming and won the tournament, the person behind the tournament, a person known as Zuko from DG gaming, has stopped responding to their mails and messages as well. 

The entirety of the prize pool which is 3 lakh INR has yet to be paid out according to Ghatak. Carry from Godlike also corroborated this story, and released a screenshot of the mail he and his team received from the organizers. According to the email, the organizers informed the teams that there would be a slight delay in paying out the prize money, but it would be paid on or before the 15th of March. 

However, what has really miffed the players is the fact that not only has the money not been paid, the point of contact, aka Zuko has gone completely dark and isn’t responding to anyone. Ghatak has also alleged that the organizers haven’t paid out the casters and the admins who were working the event, and all of the talent has backed this story up either by sharing Ghatak’s story or adding context of their own. Even players from teams who have been sponsored by DG Gaming in the past have spoken up about not receiving their dues. 

Incidents like these are not new in a nascent industry where a lot of folks want to get their foot into the door without having the right backing and expertise to make it. While there is little that can be done now, it’s important that all community members stay vigilant about who they are dealing with in the future. 

Edit: AFK Gaming have reached out to DG Gaming or a response but have not received one at the time of writing. 



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