1v1 Challenge Attracts Viewers as MortaL and CarryMinati Rake in Big Numbers on YouTube

Shounak Sengupta
16/Mar/2020 07:14 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @ig_mortal and @carryminati

It was a big day for the Indian gaming community as two top streamers had a 1v1 PUBG Mobile showdown on YouTube, much to the delight of their fans. Although it was all in good fun and involved no bad blood between the two, audiences were excited to tune in to watch the stream, with their being significant buildup to the event over the past week or so.

Youtuber, Ajey 'CarryMinati' Nager boasted an impressive 200K+ concurrent watching on his channel, while pro player and streamer Naman 'MortaL' Mathur held steady at 180K concurrent. The stream featured a 1v1 Team Deathmatch battle that has been the talk of the town over the last week. Unsurprisingly, MortaL won the series quite easily, winning the final game with a score of 25-4. The first two games were both draws, but to be fair, it was evident that MortaL was taking things very easy. In any case, the result of the challenge is hardly one to be surprised about as MortaL is a professional player and one of the best in the country, while CarryMinati mostly plays the game on PC via emulator. 

Carry did say\that he had been practicing on mobile, ever since the challenge was thrown down and had enlisted the help of Tanmay 'Sc0utOP' Singh. He also mentioned that he will be putting in more hours on the mobile and hopefully the two can engage in a more closely contested battle at a later date. While the result itself is irrelevant, what was mighty impressive was the viewership that both the streamers managed to pull in. The feat is a true testament to the popularity of both these stars, and shows just how far the Indian gaming community has come in the last year. 


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