[WATCH] Free Fire Releases Hilarious Ad for Indian Players

Shounak Sengupta
13/Mar/2020 02:39 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Free Fire India

Free Fire has been making some serious moves in the subcontinent and have easily positioned themselves as one of the top esport titles in the country. The title’s success in South America, over established games like PUBG MOBILE, Clash Royale and even AOV has shown that with the right strategy, proper marketing and good understanding of the market, it’s possible to grow a community.

Garena have already started to make a structured esports ecosystem for the country and in 2020, they announced the Free Fire India Championship, a tournament with a massive 35 lakh INR prize pool. With viewership numbers rivalling those of established tier one titles such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege, Free Fire is well on its way to becoming one of the most popular titles out there.

In India, the game is quite popular, second only to PUBG MOBILE in terms of playerbase. The team recently released a funny advertisement for the game and although it isn’t meant for younger audiences, it does tickle the funny bone quite a bit. Check it out: 


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