Team Tamilas Player MantyOP is Skipping His Final High School Exams to Play in PMPL

Shounak Sengupta
9/Mar/2020 12:29 pm

 In what has to be one of the biggest decisions of his life, Team Tamilas Player MantyOP has decided to skip his final exams in order to play in PMPL South Asia. The young gun was touted  as one of the best players of PMCO India and was a crucial part of Team Tamila’s success in the competition. He helped the team finish in 4th place, ahead of big names like Fnatic and UMumba.

Now with his 12th Board Examinations coming up, he has decided that he will instead focus on his esports career, rather than finishing school. The decision is indeed a strange one, especially in India where there is a lot of importance on education and a career in esports is still largely unheard of. In an interview with Skyesports, the player announced that he would not be appearing for his final tests, that will see him finish school.

When further pressed about how it's important to complete your education, the player said that he has decided that he wants to be a full time esport player and since he is so passionate about gaming and esports, he feels that at this time the decision is correct. In the interview, the player also discusses the teams performance in PMCO India and how they are preparing for PMPL South Asia. You can watch the full interview here:


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