Indian Organization Megastars Expands to North America With Clash of Clans Roster

Shounak Sengupta
7/Mar/2020 06:31 am

Primarily known for their PUBG Mobile roster, Indian organization, Megastars have expanded to North America with their acquisition of a Clash of Clans team, formerly known as Lando Gaming. 

The organization is poised to play in the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia having performed well in PMCO India and are one of the top teams at the event. Having established themselves as a credible brand in the country, the organization looks to broaden their horizons as they expand to a new market. 

While both the popularity, market size and stature of Clash of Clans has gone through several phases of decline, it is still a legacy title, infamous for showing the world the power of mobile games. It is one of the highest grossing titles in the world, despite its free to play model and is still popular in many regions and among many players. 


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