Bangladeshi Team, Instinct Esports Loses PMPL Slot Amidst Passport Woes

Shounak Sengupta
6/Mar/2020 10:58 am

Instinct Esports were the only team from Bangladesh who had qualified to PMPL South Asia but unfortunately they will not be taking part in the tournament. As reported yesterday, the team has run into a host of troubles with regards to their passport and visa situation. As a result, the team has missed multiple deadlines to submit their documents on time and have now been disqualified from the tournament. 

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Replacing them will be Nepal’s Solti Squad, a team who weren’t necessarily next in line, but likely had the necessary documentation to accept the invitation, given the short timeframe. This means that PMPL South Asia will have 14 teams from India and 6 from Nepal. This will be a big blow for the Bangladesh PUBG MOBILE community, who now have 0 representatives in PMPL. 

The decision now seems to be final, as PUBG Mobile has released an official list of teams who will be participating in the event. While we can debate endlessly about what could and should have been done, it’s fair to say that it is a big loss for not just the players and the team, but the entire community. It’s also a good reminder of the need for organizational support and the lack of structure at the grassroots level. Let’s hope that everyone can use this opportunity to learn and ensure that we don’t find ourselves in a similar situation next time. 

EDIT: It has just been informed that Instinct Esports have in fact received the invite and will be a part of PMPL South Asia.


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