PUBG Mobile India Confirms TSM-Entity Gaming Partnership

Shounak Sengupta
5/Mar/2020 06:45 pm

In an Instagram post for PMPL South Asia, PUBG Mobile India revealed that Entity Gaming and TSM will be partnering for PUBG Mobile in future competitions. The reveal/announcement was expected to go out this week, and was expected to happen via the Entity and/or TSM official channels, but instead the information came out via PUBG Mobile India.

While the exact nature of the partnership isn’t clear at this point, it is most likely that the partnership only extends to ETG’s PUBG Mobile squad and not the rest of their teams. Even though Team Solomid has had stints with the PC version of the game, this will be their first foray into the mobile title. 

Entity Gaming are on paper one of the best Indian teams at the moment, having won the South Asia qualifiers for PMCO Fall 2019. They also managed to achieve a 5th place finish at the main event, the best ever performance by an Indian team at an international LAN. It’s interesting to see what the partnership means for both organizations and what they expect out of it as more details are expected to be announced later this week. TSM are the second international organization after Fnatic to make a move in the Indian PUBG Mobile scene. 

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TSM-Entity PUBG Mobile Roster:






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ETG are expected to play in PMPL South Asia, which will kick off on the 12th of March. 


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