[WATCH] Exclusive Look at Fnatic India’s Fitness Training Session

Shounak Sengupta
3/Mar/2020 10:47 am

Recently we were invited to an exclusive affair with Fnatic India at their one of a kind fitness camp. The one day event was a chance for the players to understand the need and importance of fitness in their daily routines and how to properly go about achieving it. The session was conducted by Misha Theron, a fitness and nutritionist specialist and Denise McAvania, a yoga and meditation expert. 

Throughout the day, the Fnatic players and coach went through some routine fitness drills and exercises as well as some light yoga and meditation. We spoke to the experts to understand what sort of problems gamers are prone to run into with respect to fitness and what they can do to increase their performance and endurance. We also sat down with Fnatic India’s Country Head, Nimish Raut to understand why activities like these are important to the brand and the players. 


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