Huge Upsets in PMCO North America as Spacestation and Tribe Gaming Eliminated in Finals

Shounak Sengupta
2/Mar/2020 11:02 am

The finals of PMCO North America came to an end with some pretty big upsets. With only 5 spots to play for in PMPL Americas, big names like Spacestation Gaming and Tribe all fell short of the mark. Meanwhile, Wildcard who have former Cloud9 player Perkisas, were able to secure top spot with three chicken dinners and 7 top 4 finishes in just 8 games. They were the only team who had multiple wins in the final stage as well. 

It has been a downward spiral for Spacestation Gaming, a team once known as the best in the region. Their dip in form began in the 2019 Fall Qualifiers, where the team were unable to make it to the main event, and found themselves not up to the mark against the likes of Cloud9, Tempo Storm and even OMEN Elite. Now, having lost their best performing player, Sixless to Cloud9, the team are hurting and will have to reevaluate their options before the next season. Their campaign started off well as SSG managed to top the group stages followed by a third place finish in the semifinals. However, in the crucial final stage, the team finished in 9th place, 26 points away from qualification. A disappointing performance, meant that the team only managed to break into the top 5 in just 2 of their 8 games.

Image via PUBG MOBILE Esports

Another team, who also had high expectations on them were Tribe Gaming. Featuring some pretty well known players such as Kingeh, Tribe’s campaign came to a disappointing end as they fell short of qualifying, by just 4 points. While they started off the finals stage with a 19 kill WWCD, a 15th placed elimination in the last game sealed their fate. 

Other than Wildcard, The Unnamed, HQA, Simplicity and Pittsburgh Knights have all qualified for PMPL Americas. With Cloud9, OMEN Elite, Tempo Storm, Team Queso and Red Canids already invited, we now have 10 confirmed teams in the region. Additionally, with  the LATAM Finals also complete, Cream Esports South America, Royals of War and Claw Gaming have also qualified for PMPL Americas. This leaves just 3 spots open, which will be decided via the PMCO Brazil Finals. 


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