Free Fire India Championship - Team Nawabzaade Kick Things Off With a Bang

Shounak Sengupta
1/Mar/2020 03:43 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @India Today

Reigning India Champions, Team Nawabzaade got off to an explosive start at the Free Fire India Championship, and finished on top spot after the end of week 1. The three week long league will see 24 teams, split into 4 groups battle it out for the top 12 spots, who will then move onto the grand finals. Week 1 saw teams from Group A take on Group B and Group C take on Group D with each pair playing out 4 games each. 

Nawabzaade were the only team to pick up 2 Booyah’s this week and have picked up a sizable 585 point lead over the rest of the teams. They also picked up a massive 53 kills in just 4 games, exerting their dominance over the other teams.  In second place are Group D’s Desert God, who averaged 8.75 kills and picked up 1 Booyah to end the week. Meanwhile, Namooney, who were one of the top teams in the qualifiers finished the week in 5th, having only picked up 16 kills and one win. 

With 6 more game days remaining, it will be a long battle to the final stage, which is to take place in Kolkata on the 28th of March. The next set of games will take place on the 7th and 8th of March so stay tuned for all the updates and highlights. 


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