PMPL Thailand - MiTH win week 2 as Faze Clan Extend Their Lead at The Top of The Table

Shounak Sengupta
24/Feb/2020 03:49 pm

The second week of games at PMPL Thailand saw quite a few teams catch up to table toppers, Faze Clan, but Bulshark and his team still have a comfortable lead at the top and the end of the weekend. The weeks game saw MiTH coming out on top as the leaders for the week as they have begun to chip away at Faze’s lead.

It was unrealistic to expect Faze to repeat their incredible week 1 performance and that is exactly what happened, as the team were able to pick up just one WWCD in week 2. They were still pretty consistent in both kills and placement, but not as much as some of the other teams. Meanwhile, MiTH improved their tally from 101 points in week 1 to 138 in week 2 and were able to put their first chicken dinner on the board as well. 

RRQ Athena climbed to second place on the table after coming in third on week 2 and picking up yet another chicken dinner. Illuminate the Murder, meanwhile dropped to 9th after a pretty lackluster showing this week with a bunch of early exits in their games. Team Secret remained in 5th place after another 100+ tally in week 2 while Suphanburi Esports were in for a rude shock, picking up less than half of the points that they got in week 1. However the big winners this week were King of Gamers Club, who climbed all the way from 18th place to 7th.  


Faze Clan's lead is looking strong at the end of the second week | Image via @PUBG Mobile Thailand


With the end of week 2, Faze extended their 35 point lead at the top to a whopping 60 points. With 4 more weeks of action remaining, who will be the PMPL Thailand champions? 


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