Edge of the Seat Action at PMPL South Asia Finals as 6 Team Qualify for PMPL South Asia

Shounak Sengupta
24/Feb/2020 09:39 am

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The PMPL South Asia Finals had one of the closest finishes that we’ve personally witnessed at a PUBG Mobile event, with only 10 points separating the top 6 teams. And with only that many slots up for grabs at PMPL South Asia, the tournament came down to an incredibly exciting finish. However, as the dust settles we find that teams from Nepal were the real winners, taking 5 of the 6 slots that were available. Bangladesh’s Instinct were the only other team who will be moving on to PMPL South Asia from PMCO South Asia. 

In what was a pretty low scoring and low average kill count tournament, Team Hype took the top spot, finishing with 66 kills to their name. While they neither had the most placement points, nor the most chicken dinners, they were narrowly able to snag the top spot, thanks to their closest opponents, Instinct, dropping the ball in the last game of the series. However, just 1 point separated each of the top 4 teams from each other, going to show, just how close the competition really was. 

Another great story, came via another squad from Nepal, Deadeyes, whose last match WWCD with 20 kills, was the only reason they made it through. It was scary times for Nepal’s Elementrix, one of the country’s veteran teams, but in the end they made the cut, taking the 6th and final slot for PMPL South Asia. Meanwhile, familiar names such as TrustDaProcess, Solti Squad and Nepali Ho Ni have been eliminated from the competition. 


The points table is as close as it gets | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

Qualified Teams from PMCO South Asia: 

Hype (Nepal)

Instinct Esports (Bangladesh)

JyanMaara (Nepal)

Deadeyes Guy (Nepal)

Team Extreme (Nepal)

Elementrix (Nepal) 

PMPL South Asia will kick off on the 12 of March and features 14 teams from India, 5 from Nepal and 1 from Bangladesh. Follow AFK Gaming on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates and news from the world of mobile gaming. 


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