PMCO India Finals - Godlike Win PMCO India After Last Match Thriller, 9 Teams to Move To PMPL South Asia

Shounak Sengupta
23/Feb/2020 04:05 pm

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The PMCO India Finals came to an end and we now have the 9 teams who will move onto the South Asia Pro League. Despite Orange Rock’s double chicken dinner at the start of the final day, it was Godlike who stepped up in the final match as they walked away as champions of PMCO India. 

The last game saw both VSG.Crawlers and Celtz hang on for dear life as they were able to finish in 8th and 9th and will play in the Pro League. Meanwhile, the only other team who were realistically in the running in the last game were Insane, and unfortunately they were unable to pick up the requisite number of points to qualify.

Orange Rock finished in second place in all 3 phases -  Group Stages, Semifinal and Finals of the tournament | Image via @Orange Rock Esports

Meanwhile at the top, it was a bloodbath as Orange Rock led the charts after two back to back chicken dinners to kick off the final day. Daljitsk’s brilliant individual play put the team in a really good spot to walk away as winners but unfortunately, the team finished 5 points behind Godlike at the end. Godlike’s IGL carry showed that his decision to leave Orange Rock was justified as he led the team to a win, also topping the list for most frags in the process. Mega Stars, Team Tamilas and Marcos Gaming were all solid throughout the two days and never looked to be in any danger. 

Meanwhile, things are going rough for Fnatic as the team continues to struggle in their games. They got some respite on the second day with a chicken dinner and a second place finish, but have little to write home about regarding their performance. An extremely passive and slow playstyle with a reluctance to take fights means that the team have some serious work to do if they want to make a mark at the Pro League. 

Only a 5 point margin separated the top two teams | Image via @PUBG Mobile Esports

However for now, the teams have roughly three weeks of break before heading into the Pro League and it will be interesting to see how they prepare for it. The 9 teams who will play in the Pro League along with, Entity Gaming, SouL, SynerGE, INS/Brawlers and IND are: 


Orange Rock

Mega Stars

Team Tamilas

Marcos Gaming


UMumba Rxn

VSG Crawlers


Additionally 6 teams from the South Asia finals will also join them, and they are: 

Hype (Nepal)

Instinct Esports (Bangladesh)

JyanMaara (Nepal)

Deadeyes Guy (Nepal)

Team Extreme (Nepal)

Elementrix (Nepal) 


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