Supercell Reveals Format, Dates, Structure For Brawlstars 2020 Season With Over One Million USD Prize Pool

Shounak Sengupta
20/Feb/2020 02:20 pm

Cover and thumbnail via @Brawlstars

Supercell has committed over 1 Million USD to its esports scene in 2020 and defined a tournament structure catering to multiple tiers of competition. This will be a massive push for Brawlstars as an esport title and is a big jump from 2019’s 250K prize pool, Brawlstars World Championships, which was eventually won by Nova Esports. 

According to the official Brawlstars Esports website, 2020 will see over 1,00,000 USD in prize money given out and the community can add a further $500,000 to the kitty by purchasing in game items which will be specially released for this purpose. 

The Brawlstars Championship 2020 will be an open tournament, and any player/team above the age of 16 can participate and stand a chance to qualify for the final event. Completing monthly in-game challenges will lead to online qualifiers, which will then lead to monthly offline finals Team who play in these monthly finals will stand a chance to win points, which will eventually help them to qualify for the World Finals. 

The first monthly offline finals will take place on March 7th and 8th in Katowice, Poland. Check out the official website for more information regarding Brawlstars Esports. 


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