Anti Cheat Issues Continue to Plague Teams in PMCO Matches

Shounak Sengupta
16/Feb/2020 11:00 am

Regional PMCOs are underway in many parts of the world and more ones will kick off in the coming weeks and months as teams from different tiers look to climb the ranks and make it to the PUBG Mobile World League. However, as it turns out, players are facing issues with the anti cheat software that is compulsory to run in the background while playing official matches. This has caused issues such as players being unable to load into tournament matches and in some cases, entire teams having to sit out and players and teams have claimed that the the app has a bunch of issues that need to be dealt with. 

In the PMCO India Group Stages, Team Mayhem did not load into one of the games as the anti cheat app was not running despite them claiming otherwise. In PMCO South Asia, two teams from Bangladesh, Red Light Esports and Team Mercenaries were in the same boat, and found themselves kicked from the lobby when the match started. The incident took place on the 4th map of Day 4 of the group stages. Both teams have now been eliminated from the competition. Similarly, in LATAM and Brazil teams have been playing with 3 players and certain matches are starting with less than 64 players, however, we cannot confirm whether this is due to issues with the anti cheat or something else. 

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More recently, in the semifinal stage of PMCO India, players from as many as 3 separate teams failed to load into a match further adding cause for concern that there are indeed some issues with the anti cheat app. Based on conversations with one of the players, it seems as if the app is causing more problems than one. The last circles become extremely tough to play on in Android devices especially, considering a lot of players along with the app puts pressure on the hardware. The problem is less prevalent on iOS devices. 

As many as 3 players failed to load onto a map yesterday | Screengrab via @PUBG Mobile Esports

As we head from the group stages to the semifinals and the finals, the margin for error becomes smaller and smaller and issues like these can have severe consequences on the chances that a team has for qualifying. Because much of the PMCO stage is played online, an anti cheat is still necessary to monitor the activities of participants. However, a fix is needed on the current version if things continue to move as haphazardly as it has been these past few weeks. With PMCOs in North America, MENA, Europe and other regions still left to be played out, let’s hope that we can come to a solution soon. 

Edit: We have reached out to the admins for some of these tournaments/matches but there has been no response from their side. 



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