Scout and Entity Gaming Players Mobbed by Fans at Late Night Meet in Mumbai

Shounak Sengupta
14/Jan/2020 11:58 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Scout_pubg

Tanmay ‘ScoutOP’ Singh is currently in Mumbai visiting friends and other pro players, namely Clutchgod, God and Ghatak from Entity Gaming. The four players along with their entourage and content creator/comedian Tanmay Bhat were recently spotted at Marine Drive, a popular tourist destination, late at night. While the players individually announced to their fans that they would be at the location, even they were taken aback by the sheer number of fans who turned up to meet their heroes. 

The incident is yet another one that shows just how popular the game and its players have become in the last year and how much it means for fans to have the opportunity to meet their heroes. Despite the late hour, fans thronged to the venue to have a chance to interact with their favorite players. Unfortunately, the crowd attracted the nearby security forces who asked the players to leave as it was becoming a security issue. The incident is described in great detail in a Vlog posted by AIB co-founder/comedian/streamer Tanmay Bhat’s channel. 

While it’s really cool to see players taking steps to build up loyal fanbases and going the extra mile to interact with them, we do hope that they consider the security risks that come along being a popular figure. 


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