Free Fire India Championship 2020 will have a 35 Lakh INR Prize Pool; More details on format and registration inside

Shounak Sengupta
13/Jan/2020 06:51 am

If you thought that PUBG Mobile was the only title making waves in the country, you’re wrong. Garena Free Fire, which was one of the most popular mobile esport titles in 2019, is also getting in on the action and has announced the Free Fire India Championship 2020. With a prize pool of INR 35 lakhs, FFIC 2020 will be one of the premier events for the title in the country. 


The competition will take place in three phases - Qualifiers, League and Finals. 


A round in the Qualifiers is a set of 1 game. The Qualifiers consists of multiple rounds and the number of rounds will be determined by the number of registrations. The rounds will be structured in a format to find the top 22 teams.


The top 22 teams from the Qualifiers and top 2 teams from FREE FIRE INDIA TODAY LEAGUE 2019 will proceed to the League. These 24 teams will be randomly shuffled into 4 groups of 6 teams.

A round in the League is a set of 4 games. The League consists of 6 rounds. The rounds will be structured in a format that each group will face each other group once.

No rescheduling will be made for teams who are no-show for their game(s). They will automatically place last for those game(s).

At the end of the League, the top 12 teams will proceed to the Final Stage.

Finals (LAN) 

A round in the Finals is a set of 6 games. The Finals consists of 1 round.

The Finals will be held offline in India to determine the Champion.

Teams who are unable to commit to the Finals schedule will be disqualified and the replacement team will be the team with the next highest placement in the League.

Prize Pool

A total of 35 lakh INR will be given out at the tournament. The distribution of prize money will be as follows:

1st - 15,00,000 INR

2nd - 6,00,000 INR

3rd - 3,00,000 INR

4th - 1,50,000 INR

5th - 7th - 1,00,000 INR

8th - 9th - 70,000 INR

10th - 12th - 50,000 INR

13th - 24th - 30,000 INR


Registration for the event will be open from the 11th to the 26th of January and the link can be found here.


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