18 Teams for PUBG Mobile Pro League Thailand Revealed. Who made the cut?

Shounak Sengupta
12/Jan/2020 07:29 am

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20 of the 24 teams for the inaugural season of the PUBG Mobile Pro League or PMPL Thailand have been announced. Last year, Tencent announced that the PUBG Mobile Esport ecosystem would see individual leagues for established professional organizations, known as the PMPL. PMPL would run for countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam as well as for regions like Americas and South Asia. 

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For Americas and South Asia, there is a PMCO phase prior to the PMPL which will see some teams qualify via the PMCO. For the SEA countries, the PMPL will be on an invite only basis. For Thailand, a total of 24 teams will be playing the PMPL, 18 of whom have already been shortlisted. They are as follows:

1. MiTH
2. Alpha PUBGM
3. Tack Esports
4. Illuminate The Murder
6. Daytrade Gaming
7. FaZe Clan
8. Rrq Athena
9. Tokio Striker
10. Purple mood
11. Armory Gaming
12. Attack All Around
13. King of Gamers Club
15. 20 Someting
16. Goldencat
17. Sharper Esport
18. Suphanburi Esports

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6 more teams will be joining these 18 to make a total of 24 teams. They will be selected via a online screening process.In all likeliness, the 24 teams will then be separated into three groups of eight with two groups playing at a time. The details for the individual countrywide PMPLs is limited at the moment, with things like format and prize money still not revealed. However, we do know that the competition will start from the 14th of February. 

For more details on how the format works for other regions, check out the link below:

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