Top 5 Stories From Day 1 of the PMCO Fall Championship

Shounak Sengupta
29/Nov/2019 01:06 pm

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Day 1 of the PMCO Fall Championship was an absolute barn burner with 4 teams coming out victorious in 4 different occasions. Indonesia’s Bigetron Esports started off the day with a WWCD and looked confident and decisive throughout the day as they sit on top of the table. Entity Gaming’s consistency allow them to be in the top 3, while Team SouL managed to get a chicken dinner on Vikendi. Here are our top 5 stories from Day 1 of the PMCO Fall Championship. 

Bigetron Back to Winning Ways

Indonesian side, Bigetron Esports have been one of the most consistent teams since the Spring Championship as they showed time and again by dominating the SEA League. However at the SEA finals, their form was a bit off and there were concerns that the team had hit a roadblock. However across the Prelims stage and now the first day of the Fall Championship, the team showed that they are still one of the best in the business. After starting the day off with a WWCD, the team continued to showcase their aggressive playstyle, finishing on top of the table with 30 kills to their name. While the lead they have may not be massive, their playstyle and form certainly will be concerning for other teams. Their ability to hunt down frags at medium to long range and extremely fast paced style is hard too handle for the competition and if they are to convert some more of their games into wins, it will be hard to catch up to them. 

Entity Gaming’s Consistency Pays Off

India’s Entity Gaming promised at the South Asia finals that they would tweak their playstyle to be even more aggressive and that’s exactly what they did. Despite not getting the dinner on day 1, the team finished in second place in 2 maps and also put up 24 kills to sit in third place. Unfortunately, they were the first team to be eliminated on Vikendi, which hurt their points tally and prevented them from placing even higher. The team will look to convert some of their high scoring games to chicken dinners in the upcoming days as they look like good candidates to put your money on in the Fall Championship. 

Big guns Fail to Fire as RRQ Athena and MEGA.Conqueror Unable to get a Good Start

Having 6 teams from the SEA region shows just how good the teams from SEA are. However, top seeds RRQ Athena were less than impressive on the opening day. 15 kills to their name is lower than what one would expect from the Thai powerhouse and the fact that they failed to finish in the top 5 even once, makes things a bit concerning for their fans. 

The other Thai team that was unimpressive was MEGA.Conqueror. Their performance in the Prelims stage was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition and expectations were high from the side going into the main event. However, the side only had 13 kills and currently sit in 10th place on the table. 

South America Continues to Impress in Fall Championship

Team Queso might be the only team from South America at the main event, but they kept up with the rest of the regions by bagging a chicken dinner on the last map of the day. Having impressed in the Spring Championship as well, the team started off slow, improving their performance with each passing game. They sit in 2nd position on the overall leaderboards. 

SouL Manage to get a WWCD but Struggle Otherwise

Fan favorites, Team SouL brought home a chicken dinner on Vikendi after winning out a heal battle in the final circle. However, the team were fairly unimpressive on the rest of the maps. In fact, they finished outside the top 10 in all the rest of the maps. While the WWCD may give their fans a reason to celebrate, the team were extremely lucky on the occasion as they barely had to move an inch to get the win. They will need to go back and review the matches if they are to bounce back on days 2 and 3. 


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