PMCO Fall Championship Kicks Off With Indonesia’s Bigetron Esports Claiming the First Win

Shounak Sengupta
29/Nov/2019 08:57 am

Cover and thumbnail via @PUBG Mobile Esports

The PMCO Fall Championship kicked off earlier today, featuring 16 top teams across the world. Over the course of 3 days 16 maps will be played out and Day 1 has begun, with the action starting on Sanhok. Indonesia’s Bigetron Esports have had to go through a rollercoaster ride to make it to the main event, but they managed to pick up the first WWCD of the tournament thanks to Zuxxy’s heroics. 

Zuxxy was the lone player alive from his side in the final circle but played it smart, allowing the players from TOP Esports and ARG to battle it out as he jumped out in the final seconds to claim the win. Elsewhere, India’s Team SouL was one of the first teams to fall and were unable to put up a single kill on the board. Entity Gaming meanwhile, survived for a while and had a good position in the circle, but went down rather tamely when TES pressured their compound. 

3 more maps will be played out on day 1 as teams look to set the pace and establish themselves as credible threats. Stay tuned for more updates and information … 


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