Free Fire World Series to kicks off this weekend in Brazil; 12 teams including India in attendance

Shounak Sengupta
14/Nov/2019 08:35 am

Cover and thumbnail via: @Free Fire Club

The biggest Free Fire LAN, which has been dubbed as the Free Fire World Series is set to kick off on the 16th of November. 12 teams from across the world will be taking part, who have reached here after fighting their way through their own regional qualifiers. 

The grand finals will take place on the 16th of November and 8 maps will be played out over the course of 1 day. The 12 teams who will be playing at the Free Fire World Series are: 

India - Team Nawabzade

Brazil - Corinthians

Brazil - Loud

North LATAM - Infinity Esport

South LATAM - Samurai Team

MENA - Infinity YT

Thailand - Illuminate

EU/Russia - Sbornaya Chr

North America - Arctic Gaming Mexico

Taiwan/Malaysia - LGDS

VIetnam - Team Flash

Indonesia - Dranix Esport


The recently concluded Free Fire Pro League in Brazil, which saw Corinthians and Loud qualify for the World Series had over 1 Million concurrent viewers. The World Series will be broadcasted in 10 languages for fans around the globe. : English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian, Arabic, Russian, and Vietnamese. 


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