Arena of Valor International Championship 2019 playoffs to kick off on November 14th; features half a million dollar prize pool

Shounak Sengupta
12/Nov/2019 07:13 am

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The Arena of Valor Championship 2019 or AIC 2019 will kick off on the 14th of November at the Garena Esports Studio in Thailand. The tournament features a whopping half-million-dollar prize pool, from which the winning team will get 200K USD. 12 teams took part in the group stages, which was completed earlier today. Out of these teams, 8 have qualified for the playoffs.

The Group Stage

The Group Stage saw teams from across the world divided into 2 groups of 6 teams each. In Group A, ASL(AOV Star League) Season 3 champions, Evos Esports barely managed to stay in the top 4, eliminating Korea’s Team Olympus on the back of the head to head tie-breaker system. Vietnam’s HTVC IGP and GCS Summer Champions, Hong Kong Attitude topped the group while ahq eSports club took third place.

2018 finalists Flash Gaming are currently the best-rated team, having won both AOG Winter and the AOV World Cup 2019 in recent months. However, the side were beaten to the top spot of Group B by Thailand’s Buriram Esports. This means that the following teams have been eliminated from the competition.

Team Olympus - South Korea

Nova Esports - Europe

Team AK - Chinna

Liyab Esports - Philippines  

The 8 remaining teams will now move onto the quarter-finals stage which will last from the 14th to the 17th of November. Each match will be a bo7 and unlike last year, the playoffs will be single elimination. The brackets for the playoffs are as follows: 

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