Man in PUBG Mobile Themed Halloween Costume Stops Thief with a Pan

Shounak Sengupta

2nd Nov, 2019

Cover image via WNTU

A bizarre turn of incident saw a man who had dressed up as a character from PUBG Mobile, use one of his props, a pan, to stop a thief. The incident took place on Halloween on the 31st of November at Tampa, Florida when 31 year old Jeffrey Dweller was on his way to a party. The man chose to dress up as a character from PUBG Mobile, equipped with a level 3 helmet and a frying pan to make his look complete. 

While on his way, Jeffrey heard shouts from Eric Holland, whose bicycle was stolen in front of his eyes. The thief, cut the lock from the bike and got into a physical altercation with Eric. He tried to pedal away but Eric continued shouting, alerting Jeffrey, who swung his Pan at the fleeing offender, stopping him in his tracks. The thief has since been arrested and charged with battery and attempted robbery among other charges. 


While there have been a lot of discussions in the mainstream media about the harmful effects of videogames, incidents like these, prove that there are indeed a lot of positives from videogames which often present themselves in the unlikeliest of manners.