Orange Rock, Revenge Esports and Rising Hydra dominate day 1 of the PMIT grand finals

Shounak Sengupta
19/Oct/2019 03:09 pm

Cover image and thumbnail via @PUBG Mobile India Official

Despite a delayed start to the day, day 1 of the PUBG Mobile India Tour saw action packed matches with favorites, Orange Rock leading the table at the end of day’s play. 5 maps were played on the first of two days that will eventually lead to the winning team walking away with a prize money of 50 lakh INR. 

Orange Rock took the WWCD in game 1 on Erangel, setting the pace for the day. Revenge Esports struck back on Miramar and while OR were eliminated early, they managed to put 10 kills on the board. In map 3, Sanhok, the fast pace and circle caught many teams off guard and amidst the frenzy, Team All Stars were able to take the dinner with 12 kills to their name. 

Vikendi saw Team GE and Rising Hydra pick up 14 and 10 kills each as they took the top 2 spots while OR snuck into third place with 8 kills. Group A leaders, Rising Hydra picked up their second WWCD of the day in the last map of the day with the back to back wins allowing them to make up for the poor performance in the early part of the day. OR’s consistency, both in terms of placements and kills sees them in pole position as we head into day 2. Revenge Esports and Rising Hydra are close behind with Team INS in 4th place. 

Image via @PUBG Mobile India Official

Day 2 of the PMIT grand finals will see 5 more maps be played out before a winner is declared. Stay tuned for more coverage and news from PMIT … 


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