Mobile version of League of Legends likely to be released soon

Shounak Sengupta
15/Oct/2019 09:50 pm

Image via @Riot Games

League of Legends has been one of the most popular esport and MOBA titles in the world for a long time now and while the developers behind it have only one title to their name, any news surrounding Riot Games’ plans to launch other games is met with great hype. The currently ongoing League of Legends world championship or The Worlds 2019 is the biggest League event in the calendar year and some announcements are expected from Riot with it being League’s 10 year anniversary. 

According to rumors revealed by esports personality, Slasher, Riot are expected to announce a digital card game called Legends of Runterra and an Anime set in the League universe. Earlier this year, Riot employee and FGC tournament IP, EVO’s founder Tom Cannon also revealed that the company is working on a fighting game title.  As if that wasn’t enough, there also seems to be plans to reveal the League of Legends mobile game. The pre-registration details for the mobile version were apparently revealed in Brazil and China before Riot deleted them. 

With footage from the mobile version having already been leaked earlier along with screenshots of the UI later, it seems as if the game is ready for launch. It’s not surprising to see Riot enter the mobile space, since mobile gaming has blown up massively in recent years, and it only makes sense to capitalize on the new market. Riot’s parent company is of course Tencent, who have cemented their position in the mobile gaming industry with titles such as PUBG Mobile, Arena of Valor and more recently, Call of Duty: Mobile. 

With the group stages for the Worlds 2019 already underway, it remains to be seen when Riot chooses to reveal what their plans are for other titles and the expansion of the League universe. 


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