PMCO Fall SEA League | Another smashing performance from Bigetron, but MEGA.Conqueror steal the thunder

Shounak Sengupta
9/Oct/2019 11:12 am

Cover and thumbnail source : @VSPN

Week three of the PMCO Fall SEA League, saw Thailand’s MEGA.Conqueror take the win for the first time this season, but table toppers, Bigetron finished just one point behind to remind everyone that they still are the team to beat in SEA. 

MQ’s 5 WWCD performance allowed them to move into the top 3 in the overall leaderboards table while Bigetron still occupy the number 1 spot with a near 100 point lead. Illuminate are currently second with their form and consistency across the weeks coming into effect. 

With only one week to go, teams like Purple Mood Esports, RRQ Athena and EVOS are all more less guaranteed to move onto the next stage. However, things are still complicated for big names like Orange Esports and Team Secret, both of whom have struggled and will have to put in massive performances in week 4.

At the end of week 3, this is how the table looks like. 16 of the 24 teams will move onto the next phase which is the SEA Championship, which will take place in the month of November. 

Clipped from @Liquipedia


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