Bhutan to ban PUBG Mobile citing negative impact on young people

Shounak Sengupta
4/Oct/2019 03:02 pm

Bhutan’s InfoComm and Media Authority, BICMA has called for a ban on PUBG and PUBG Mobile citing its negative impact on young people. On October 1st, BICMA directed Bhutan’s Internet Service Providers, Bhutan Telecomm Limited (BTL), Tashi InfoComm Ltd and NANO Bhutan to block PUBG applications within the country. 

Calls to ban PUBG have been heard in many states in India and many countries other than India and Bhutan as well. The game’s supposedly addictive nature along with its violent theme are being cited as major influencers which have affected its players. Among the many horror stories that have come to the surface, some include things like kids running away from home for having their phones confiscated to some youngsters resorting to murder and other violent crimes in fits of rage. 

While PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in the South Asian countries, it is certainly true that many youngsters have developed an unhealthy obsession and following for it. But even so it does feel like a government initiative is an infringement on personal rights, and the solution is awareness and education and not an outright ban. 

The news comes at a conflicting time as just yesterday, another South Asian country, Sri Lanka added esports as an official sport in their country. 



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