Orange Esports announces multiple roster acquisitions in PUBG Mobile, CS:GO and FIFA

Shounak Sengupta
17/Sep/2019 05:52 pm

Cover and thumbnail source: @Orange Esports

Orange Esports is a name our older readers will remember as they were one of the leading esports organizations in the SEA region. Their Dota 2 squad was by far their biggest, boasting names such as Mushi and Ohaiyo and are best remembered for their third-placed TI3 run in 2013 that saw SEA achieve their highest ever placing at a TI event till date. 

Founded in 2011, the organization was always backed by one of Malaysia’s largest gaming/internet cafe chains, Orange Internet Cafe. The organization was a big name in Dota 2 with its players becoming some of the first superstars from the region but eventually disbanded in 2014. Since then Orange has been active in a more localized way and have focused on building a community and increasing awareness about esports in Malaysia.

Over the last few months, the organization was spotted picking up new rosters and players and have officially announced that they now have 6 rosters under them. They will also be partnering with The Gaming Company aka TGC, a marketing agency as part of a strategic merger. Orange Esports will field teams under the following banners: 

Orange Esports.CG Geniuses - PUBG Mobile Men’s team

Maes “STALKER” Kinhkan
Sean “LeOn” Somsakada
Kao “PotatoO” Kim
ING “FIRE” Sopheakkdey
Ly “POVPOV” Syly 

Orange Esports.Hawk - PUBG Mobile Men’s team

Mohd Firdausi “Bear” Asyura
Muhammad Ali “POZN” Fauzan
Mohd Azrul “kong” Amri
Muhammad Amir “Kizo” Mukriz 

Orange Esports.Hera - PUBG Mobile Women’s team

Nurul “PYKA” Syafiqah
Nur “MEEN” Azlin
Anis “ANEES” Safiyah
Nur “CAT” Farhana
Amirah “KayKay” Balqis 

Orange Esports.Chymera - CS:GO Men’s team

Lee “Max” Ka Lok
Iman “cara” Jeffery Krupa
Ding “formlesS” Joon Wei
Rafael “Raph” Ferreira Mar?al
Andrew “risk” Chew 

Orange Esports.Sphynx - CS:GO Women’s team

Nurul “Ayumiii” Aini
Aisya “Argent” Sabrina Sabri
Shanice “Alaska” Choo Xin Ru
Iffah “3ve” Nazurah Saidi
Ng “maye” May Yee
Jasmine “Jazminism” Christina Sim Huiyan 

Orange Esports.Royal Flush - FIFA 

Wan “P3rlis TeAmJr” Muhammad Hakim
Muhammad Faiz “FavLain” Hariry 

The details about the rosters and the upcoming tournaments that they will be playing in can be found here: 


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