8 bit Rampage, Team INS and 2 more teams through to PMIT grand finals as Group B comes to an end


9th, Sep, 2019

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The Group B finals for the PUBG Mobile India Tour aka PMIT came to a close in Guwahati yesterday with 4 more teams moving onto the grand finals, which will take place in Kolkata in October. The event which was supposed to be a LAN with live audience was turned into a closed event for which put a massive damper on the event. Fans from the region were quite upset having already made arrangements and plans to attend the event but the organizers put out a last-minute notice saying that viewers would only be able to watch the games online. 

Nonetheless, the games were action-packed with clutch moments, crazy kills and the usual entertainment that we’ve come to expect from PUBG Mobile LANs. Favourites, 8 bit Rampage and Team INS had little trouble occupying the 1st and 2nd positions on the table. At the end of the competition, the teams were tied on points with 8 bit edging it out on the basis of kill points. Team GE and Teams All Stars were the other two teams who finished in the top 4 and will move onto the main event. This now means we have 8 out of the 20 teams who will be playing in the main event. 

The Guwahati Group B Finals saw 5 games being played out and 4 of the maps were won by teams who ended up qualifying. INS and GE won one map each while 8 bit took two chicken dinners on the day. Interestingly none of the top 4 teams managed to perform well on Vikendi, and it should definitely be a focal point for these teams going into the main event. 

The top fragger of the day was 8bitGill at 19 kills out of a total of 38 that 8 bit managed to pick up over the course of 5 maps.  He also was involved in one of the most interesting plays of the day. 8bit and THC were locked in a 4v4 battle for first place on Miramar and despite having the high ground, 8 bit didn’t have the zone. They used a crazy strategy, involving sacrificing their one of their players, who drove into THC, allowing Gill to get a good position. It came down to a 1v4 for Gill in the end, but with members of THC knocked, Gill cleaned up by exploding a vehicle behind which TNC were hiding to win the map for his team. 


Team 1947 won the People’s Choice Award and a prize money of 1 lakh INR but in the end it was 8 bit Rampage, INS, GE and All Stars who will be moving on. The 8 teams who are confirmed are as follows:

Rising Hydra 

Team Titans

Kill 2 Survive

Revenge Esports

8 bit Rampage

Team INS

Team GE

Team All Stars

The Group C Finals will now take place in Pune on the 22nd of September and features teams like Orange Rock Esports and Entity Gaming among other. The online qualifiers for Group D will also begin shortly. 

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