Schedules, teams and talent revealed as PMSC kicks off in Taiwan tomorrow

Shounak Sengupta
6/Sep/2019 03:40 pm

Top content creators and professional players have begun assembling in Taiwan as the long-awaited PMSC or the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge kicks off tomorrow. The 250,000 USD event pits 16 top streamers and content creators along with 16 top players in a semi-competitive environment, but the stakes are just as high as ever. The teams have already been selected earlier through a mix of online seeding matches and reality show style games. They are as follows: 

Nikitanga and Nova Esports

Xinxuan and Nova Monster Shield

KisiL and GC Busan

BulShark and EVOS Esports

Kronten and Elite Gaming

K7 and Brazilian Killers

Dita and Bigetron Esports

Mitchel and ARG

Alice MG and Team Secret

ARXY and Team Unique

Garebooo and Team IND

Rollexxx and Spacestation Gaming

Tsulin and SCARZ Black

Dynamo and Sixty Nine Team

The Rawknee and Team Soul

The teams and respective content creators have already been playing together during their time together in Taipei in August. However, it does certainly feel like some teams have a distinct advantage over others. Streamers like Dynamo, The Rawkneee and Gareebooo aren’t known for their prowess on the mobile while some like Kronten are quite involved in the competitive side of things. The lineups look interesting but what exactly the players have in store for us remains to be seen. This will be Team SouL’s last tournament with this lineup featuring MortaL, Viper, Ronak and Owais while it is also Team IND’s last tournament with Sc0utOP

The primary cast will be done in English and the list of talent has been revealed by VSPN. Along with this, regional casts will also be done remotely via partners and local casters. The schedule involves two days of play with 4 matches played out on each day. Each map will be played once per day. Games will go live at 2 PM IST/4 30 PM SGT. The live stream will be on YouTube, the link for which can be found here.

The winning team will take home a whopping 100,000 USD while the second-placed team gets 50,000 USD.  

Follow all the action and coverage from the tournament as we bring you daily updates from the event. 


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