MLBB | Alter Ego and Bigetron leapfrog the competition after week 2 of MPL-ID Season 4

Shounak Sengupta
2/Sep/2019 09:05 am

Cover and thumb via: MPL-ID

Week 2 of the MLBB Professional League Indonesia or MPL-ID Season 4 saw a change in the fortunes of some of the teams who were dominating in week 1. The biggest loser, of course, has to Onic, who were top of the table at the end of week 1. With 2 losses in games, Onic have slipped down to 4th place. 

Elsewhere, Bigetron won their only game of the week and remain the only unbeaten team with a 3-0 record. Both Aura and EVOS were unbeaten earlier but a 1-1 record this week means, that their streaks too have been broken. Alter Ego came back from 2 losses last week with 2 wins in week 2 showing significant improvements to their as well as their playstyle. 

In the bottom half of the table, Genflix Aerowolf are struggling and are the only team to not have won a single series. Fortunately for them, it is just the second week of the season and teams still have plenty of time to bounce back. 



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