New season of Clash Royale releases today with balance changes, Legendary Arena and updated Pass Royale

Shounak Sengupta
2/Sep/2019 07:31 am

Cover and thumbnail via: @Supercell

Season 3 of Clash Royale will commence tomorrow and features a few new changes and updates. The theme for the season seems to Legendary which means that the Legendary Arena will be back and all battles above 4000 trophies will take place there. Additionally, this season will have more chances and more rewards which allow players to get legendary cards or chests. This includes special events as well to help players earn legendary cards. 

Along with this, the new Pass Royale will be tweaked with the major change being that the tower skin is now available at level 10 instead of level 30. Other changes include balance changes to cards such as Executioner, Royal Ghost, Dark Prince, P.E.K.K.A and Goblin Cage. 

Watch the Season 3 reveal video here: 


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