PUBGM | XQF win Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational with a dominating performance and take home 56K USD

Shounak Sengupta
31/Aug/2019 02:56 pm

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The Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational came to an end earlier today with China’s X-Quest Force declared as the champions after a solid performance that saw them finish with more than double the points of the second-placed team, TOP Esports. 

Peacekeeper Elite is the version of PUBG Mobile that is played in China and the PEGI or the Peacekeeper Elite Global Invitational was the first tournament for the title. While it’s fair to say that the tournament was mostly a marketing activity, it did have top teams such as XQF, Spacestation Gaming, TOP Esports, Elite Gaming, EVOS Esports, Team Secret and RRQ Athena among others. 

Unsurprisingly, all the Chinese teams performed better than the teams who were not from China since the game is more popular in their country. 6 rounds were played in total with the first 4 on Erangel and the last 2 on Miramar. The tournament also saw 25 team lobbies instead of the usual 16 team ones that are generally considered the standard in PUBGM. 

XQF were able to notch up 3 chicken dinners in just 6 maps, picking up over 61 kills, averaging at over 10 kills per map. No other team came close to matching their performance as the current world champions, TOP Esports took second place, with just 1 WWCD in the day. 

For their win, XQF take home a hefty cheque of 56,800 USD and the bragging rights for being the first-ever team to win a tier 1 Peacekeeper Elite LAN. 


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