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Free Fire OB27: Top 3 Biggest Changes

John Dave Rossel
18/Apr/2021 12:33 pm

The Free Fire OB27 update is currently in full swing with a ton of new content and balance changes.
Here are the top 3 biggest changes in Free Fire for the OB27 update.

The Free Fire OB27 update is currently in full swing. A lot of character and weapon balance changes have been implemented to keep the game fair for everyone. Along with the balance changes, the Free Fire OB27 update also includes a lot of new content such as the new revival mechanic, two upcoming characters Maro and Xayne, an even easier character leveling, and many more. Players will have a lot of stuff to do for the current update. If you are wondering what are the most significant changes that have been implemented in the new update, here are the top 3 biggest changes in the Free Fire OB27 update.

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Free Fire OB27: Top 3 Biggest Changes

3. Two New Characters


Xayne will be the first character to arrive in the update. She is a big fan of extreme sports and has the ability called “Xtreme Encounter” that allows her to gain bonus HP and deal extra damage to Gloo Walls and Shields. She is a perfect counter for Chrono, who relies on his bulky shields. 

Free Fire OB27: Top 3 Biggest ChangesMaro and Xayne Character Preview


This new character is said to be a collaboration character to another celebrity. More details will be revealed at a later date. His ability allows him to deal more damage against targets who are far away. Perfect for players who enjoy the sniper gameplay. 

2. Revival Point Feature

This new feature has been made available in casual games before. With the Free Fire OB27 update, the feature is now available for all game modes, including ranked games. This feature will allow players to revive their fallen squadmates by entering the revival points scattered around the map.

Free Fire OB27: Top 3 Biggest ChangesIND King YouTube

1. Character Leveling Rework

Players often find it difficult to upgrade their heroes. It costs a lot just to upgrade them to the max level, which results in countless hours grinding for resources. WIth the Free Fire OB27 update, the resources needed to level your character are completely removed. Players will now only need fragments in order to level up their character.

Along with the new character leveling rework, the max level of characters is now reduced from eight to only six. However, the stats at the max level will not change. On top of that, the awakening skills of each character will now merge with the regular skills.

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A lot of changes have been implemented in the game for the Free Fire OB27 update. This will make the game feel fresh and new for veteran players and much more simple to understand for new players. 


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