Ranking the Top 10 Indian PUBG Mobile Players for 2019

Shounak Sengupta
11/Jan/2020 01:05 pm

The Indian PUBG Mobile scene has been one of the most thriving scenes in the world and while teams from the country are yet to win big internationally, there is a lot of competition in the domestic circuit. 2019 saw the scene develop from a passionate community to a large and vocal one and as a result, quite a few players and teams have been able to make a name for themselves. With some of the biggest LANs taking place in the country throughout the year, Indian players have had plenty of chances to prove themselves. We take a look at our picks for the top 10 players in the Indian circuit in 2019.

Writer's note 

The ranking and in general all rankings always tend to have some debate and discussion among the community and we accept that there are no absolutes when it comes to rankings. While we try to base our rankings on statistics and results, there is also a big factor of qualitative judgement when it comes to ranking both players and teams. This adds context to the stats and numbers and allows the rankings to be more wholesome and well rounded. With that being said, we also realize that it is impossible to fit in a lot of good players in our list. Hence, we shall include a list of honorable mentions as well. 

Honorable Mentions: 

Ghatak(Entity Gaming)  - Entity's IGL and one of the sharpest minds in the Indian PUBGM community

ZGod(Zero Degree Esports/Entity Gaming) - The top fragger in the South Asia finals for PMCO Fall 

Iconic(ETG.Brawlers) - The driving force behind The Brawler's aggressive play style.

Aman(Entity Gaming/SouL) - One of the key reasons behind Entity Gaming's winning run at the PMCO Fall South Asia Championship 

Ronak(SouL/Team X/Fnatic) - MVP of the Spring Split India Qualifiers and one of India's most experienced players

Viper(SouL) - Represented India at the PMCOs twice and an experienced support player for SouL

10. Sangwan - ETG.Brawlers/Fnatic/VSG.Crawlers

Sangwan capped of 2019 with a brilliant performance at PMAS | Image via @sangwan_pubg

Known as one of the most reliable players in the Indian circuit, Sangwan and his team ETG.Brawlers made waves in the semifinal stage of the PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers by grabbing 3 back-to-back chicken dinners. Their aggressive high fragging playstyle was massively entertaining and the team provided a whole lot of entertainment in a meta that saw a lot of Indian teams go for placement points. While ETG.Brawlers fell short of qualifying, Sangwan won his first tier 1 LAN with Fnatic, after the team roped him in as a last minute substitute. Despite the emergency arrangements, Sangwan was instrumental in Fnatic's win at PMAS, finishing the tournament as the highest fragger. Of late, the player has left ETG.Brawlers and will be trying his luck with the newly for VSG.Crawlers in the upcoming tournaments. 

Notable results:

PMAS - 1st place

PMCO South Asia Semifinals - 1st place

9. Seervi - SynerGE

Seervi is one of the key reasons behind SynerGE's success | Image via @ig_seervi

High fragging IGL, Seervi has been one of the best finds of 2019 and has managed to lead his team to a coveted position in the Indian PUBGM scene. The team fell short of the main event spot by a fraction at the PMCO Fall South Asia Finals but still managed represent the country at the Prelims level. What's most impressive about Seervi is the fact that not only a consistent high performer, but also shoulders the responsibility of captaining the team on the battlefield. SynerGE's performance has been on an upward trajectory since mid-2019 and it will be interesting to see what the team achieves in 2020. 

Notable results:

3rd - PMCO Fall South Asia

7th - PMAS

8. Daljitsk - Team IND/Orange Rock

Daljitsk was the best sniper in India in 2019 in our books | Image via @VSPN_esports

Daljitsk has been one of India's star players in 2019 and very possible the best sniper in the country at the moment. His skill with a scoped weapon has been second to none as the player has proved time and again in his stint with Team IND. Daljit played twice in the Prelims stage of the PMCOs and was a key figure in Team IND's consistent results throughout the year. Recently, Daljitsk moved to Orange Rock Esports in a bid to find more stability in a well defined ecosystem and it remains to be seen what he can achieve in this new setting. But there is little doubt that he was one of the best snipers for India in 2019 and as a result he takes the 8th place in our rankings. 

Notable results:

2nd - PMCO Spring India

5th - PMCO Fall South Asia

7. Neyooo - Entity Gaming

Neyooo is a player with immense skill and equally immense potential | Image via @thatesportscameraguy

Playing for one of India's most successful teams of 2019, Neyooo has found success both as a player and in a team with Entity Gaming. He achieved two of India's highest placements in international events with ETG, coming in 4th at the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open and 5th at the PMCO Fall Championship. But barring the results themselves, Neyooo has really grown into one of the more reliable players from the region with an incredible fragging power. The best part about Neyooo's game is how much grows from tournament to tournament and how much scope he has as a player in the future. 

Notable results:

1st - PMCO Fall South Asia

5th - PMCO Fall Championship

4th - Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open 

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6. Owais - SouL/Team X/Fnatic

A rock for the Indian PUBGM community, Owais has grown into a top IGL for Fnatic | Image via @Owais_op

A tall figure in the PUBG Mobile community, Owais is one of the OG players who won everyone's hearts with his skill and lovable personality in 2019. Owais started the year off with a win at PMIS and ended the year with another win at PMAS. In between was a rollercoaster ride that saw the player represent India at PMCO Spring with Team SouL, only to leave the team once the tournament was over and eventually join Fnatic. However, despite the roster shuffles, Owais has always been a respected player in the Indian PUBGM scene, known for his dedication to the game and his professional approach to the game. Currently, he is the IGL of the Fnatic squad, who have shown that with time they can very well be the best team in the Indian circuit. 

Notable results:

1st - PMIS

1st - PMAS

1st - PMCO Spring India Qualifiers


5. Clutchgod - RVNG/Team SouL/Entity Gaming

Clutchgod has been 2019's breakout player | Image via @clutchgod_pubg

2019's breakout player without a doubt has been Clutchgod and the player's meteoric rise from RVNG Esports to Entity Gaming has been fantastic to watch. He delivered a magical performance at the PMIT grand finals in Kolkata, cementing his name as one of the top players in the country. Since then, the player went on to represent the country at the PMCO Finals with SouL and has since joined Entity Gaming as their IGL. But irrespective of the team he plays for, Clutchgod has been able to deliver with his skills time and time again. It's hard to say how much his playstyle will change in his current role but his raw skill and firepower are surely a great asset for a team to have. 

Notable results: 

1st - PMIT

2nd - PMCO South Asia Finals

4. Slayer - Team IND

Slayer has been an exceptional player for TeamIND in 2019 | Image via @ind_slayer

Team IND have been the silent heroes of the Indian PUBGM community, with consistent performances and a mature approach to the scene. While they aren't the flashiest of teams, IND has been a team who have consistently delivered, both on the national and international stage. The latest addition to their squad, aka Slayer has been a star player since he joined and has stepped up for IND whenever required. With an insane arsenal of skills and versatility, Slayer is able to slot into any role he is given with ease and can deliver rather consistently. His approach to the game, level headed and cerebral approach makes him one of the most matured and skilled players in the subcontinent and he takes the number 4 position on our list. 

Notable results:

5th - PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers

11th - PMAS

3. MortaL - Team SouL

MortaL has made gaming and esports mainstream in India | Image via @ig_mortal

In third place is the most recognizable name in the Indian PUBG community - MortaL. One of the country's most successful players internationally, MortaL has built himself a loyal army of supporters with not only gameplay but his charming personality and friendly approach. He and Viper are the only two players who played in both editions of the PMCO and have managed to establish themselves as true legends of the scene. Representing a brand which has been built on loyalty, brotherhood and friendship, Mortal and SouL have not only been able to win the hearts of fans but also deliver when it matter the most. Despite losing two of their best players, SouL achieved the impossible by qualifying for the PMCO Fall Championship and till date are the only team to win a chicken dinner on the grandest stage. While some have questioned MortaL's individual skill, the player has proven time and again that he can deliver when his team needs him to and the fact that he can be versatile enough to step back and not let his fame dictate the way his team plays. 

Notable results:

1st - PMIS

1st - PMCO Spring India Qualifiers

2nd - PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers 

2. Sc0utOP - Team IND/Team X/Fnatic

The original bad boy of Indian PUBG Mobile, Scout has established himself as one of the countries most gifted players | Image via @scout_pubg

It's hard to make a list of Indian players without this man and ScoutOP comes in at number two on our list. Despite never really winning a LAN, the sheer number of times he left viewers with their jaws touching the floor is enough to take Scout to the second position on our list. The original bad boy of Indian PUBG Mobile, Scout's relationship with the community maybe one which often goes through some difficult tests, but he has consistently and emphatically proven that he is one of, if not, the best Indian player in the scene. With the weight of both his fans and his haters on his shoulders everytime he is in the server Scout has managed to deliver even against the best of opponents and has one of the best track records internationally. 

Notable results:

2nd - PMCO Spring India Qualifiers

8th - PEC

1. Jonathan - Entity Gaming

Jonathan's fragging power and raw skill takes him to the top of our charts | Image via @thatesportscameraguy

In number 1 spot on our rankings is Entity Gaming's Jonathan, a player who impressed on the global stage with a 4th place finish in the top fraggers list at the PMCO Fall Championship. Jonathan's fragging potential was a key part of Entity Gaming's success in 2019 and his fluid style means that he excels both in the mid and the short range skirmishes. A player that almost any team in India would want to have on their lineup, Jonathan's natural knack for finding kills is invaluable. It will be interesting to see what he can achieve in 2020 with Entity Gaming bringing in changes to help bolster the squad. 

Notable results:

1st - PMCO Fall South Asia Qualifiers

5th - PMCO Fall 

4th - Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open 

Don't agree with our list? Let us know who your top 10 players of the Indian PUBG Mobile community were in 2019. 


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