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Vayne Build Wild Rift: Runes, Items and Skills

John Dave Rossel
12/Apr/2021 08:25 am

This Wild Rift Vayne build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play her more efficiently in the game.
Vayne is a marksman champion with a very high skill ceiling but very rewarding to master.
Here is our guide on Vayne and how to play him efficiently in Wild Rift.

This Wild Rift Vayne build guide for runes, items, and skills will help you play as the marksman who can counter champions with high HP stats. Vayne is a marksman more suitable in the dragon lane but can also be played in Baron and Mid lane if needed. She is well known for her 2nd skill “Silver Bolts” which allows her basic attacks to deal more damage depending on her enemy’s max HP. If you’re looking for a Wild Rift Vayne Build Guide, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is our Vayne build and a guide on how to play her efficiently in Wild Rift.

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Pros and Cons of Vayne

Just like every champion in Wild Rift, Vayne has her fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most notable pros and cons when playing as Vayne.

Great Mobility
Very Weak Early Game
Late-game Hypercarry
Very Squishy
Easily Kill Tanks
Short Range Compared to other Marksmen
Very Good in 1v1 Fights
Very High Skill Ceiling

Wild Rift Vayne Build Guide


Here is a quick rundown of her skills. Vayne is one of the champions that are very hard to master. Her mobility is very good but she gets killed easily if she makes one misposition so proper positioning is definitely a must for her.

Vayne Build Wild Rift: Runes, Items and SkillsVayne Champion Preview

Skill Priority:  On your first three levels, unlock all three of your basic skills. The standard skill sequence should start with maxing out Vayne’s 2nd skill as soon as possible. Followed by her 1st skill, then lastly, her 3rd skill. Always upgrade her ultimate whenever it’s available.

Passive: Night Hunter

She gains bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy champions. The effect grows tremendously when her ultimate skill is active. This allows her to easily stick to her targets and bombard them with basic attacks.

1st Skill: Tumble

Dashes forward and empowers her next basic attack to deal bonus damage. When her ultimate is active, she turns invisible for 1 second every time she casts Tumble. You’ll be using this a lot as your mobility tool.

2nd Skill: Silver Bolts

Passive Effect: Every third consecutive attack or ability cast on the same target, she deals bonus true damage to enemies equal to a percentage of their max HP. 

Active Effect: Gains extra attack speed for the next 3 basic attacks within 5 seconds and heals for 60% of the damage the Silver Bolts dealt. 

3rd Skill: Condemn

Fires a bolt that deals damage and knocks back enemies hit. If the enemies are knocked into a wall, they are stunned for a few seconds. This is very useful in keeping enemies from escaping or running away from them. 

Ultimate: Final Hour

Gains bonus damage and gives bonus effects on your Night Hunter passive and Tumble skill for a short while. When an enemy dies within three seconds upon the skill’s activation, the duration is extended. As much as possible maximize this ultimate’s potential by killing enemies to extend its duration. 

Vayne Build: Attack Speed Marksman

Runes: Fleet Footwork, Brutal, Spirit Walker, Hunter Genius

Vayne Build Wild Rift: Runes, Items and SkillsVayne Build Overview

Vayne focuses on dealing as much Silver Bolts passive procs as much as possible. This Vayne Build will focus on that. You can start by building Blade of the Ruined King for that additional damage based on the enemies’ max HP which stacks with your Silver Bolts. Follow it up by having Gluttonous Greaves with quicksilver enchant to prevent CC attacks. 

Proceed on purchasing Infinity Edge to add more critical damage along with Death’s Dance to add more lifesteal and poison damage. Purchase Phantom Dancer for extra shield when your HP falls down too low.

Lastly, always purchase Guardian Angel to keep you from dying too much. If you feel confident that you won’t be dying too much then you can replace it with Mortal Reminder for more armor penetration. 

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Vayne is a very strong champion in Wild Rift. However, she feels very weak during the early game which makes it very hard to trade blows with enemies until she gets the right items. Hopefully, this Wild Rift Vayne Build Guide can help you master this marksman champion in the game. 


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