Wild Rift Ranks Explained for Beginners

John Dave Rossel
28/Jan/2021 10:34 am

Ranked system is a good way to show your competitive side in Wild Rift.
From Iron to Diamond, players will need to earn marks and get promoted into higher ranks while DIamond above will have the Victory Points system. Players will lose Victory Points if they stopped playing the game for a long time.
Here is how the Ranked System works and what rewards are waiting for players as they climb higher in the ladder.

Ranked Mode in Wild Rift is an excellent way to prove your skills in the game. Naturally, the best players belong in the top ranks. This game mode is perfect for people who seek competitive plays with high risk but big rewards. But how does the Ranked System work? 

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Provisional Period

At the start of a new ranked season, players will enter a provisional period, which determines their initial rank. During this time, players will earn two marks per win and will not lose any marks if they get defeated. This provisional period will last for ten games.

Wild Rift Rank Tiers

Players who played League of Legends PC are familiar with the rank tiers in the game. The game has a total of 10 tiers except for unranked and provisional. Each tier has its own set of divisions. Prove that you’re worthy enough, and you’ll get promoted to a higher tier. 

Wild Rift Ranks ExplainedWild Rift Ranked Division Logos

Each tier, from Iron to Diamond, is divided into four divisions. Division progress is determined by marks earned from winning matches. You will lose a mark if you lose a game unless there is enough Ranked Fortitude to compensate for the loss.

Wild Rift Ranks ExplainedRecieve Marks When Winning a Match 

Fortitude is generated by playing matches. The more achievements you have in a game, the more fortitude you receive. z

Wild Rift Ranks ExplainedRank Division Marks and Fortitude

If you somehow fill up your fortitude meter, the next win will grant two marks instead of one then your fortitude will be reduced by half the amount. 

Rank Promotion and Demotion

If you reach the maximum amount of marks in your division, you will enter the promotion series. This will determine if you will proceed to the next tier. 

  • Iron - Bronze players will need two wins to get promoted and three losses to fail the series.
  • Silver - Diamond players will need three wins to get promoted and three losses to fail the series.

Iron and Bronze players will not lose any marks and will not be demoted to a lower tier when they fail their series. 

How to earn Victory Points?

Upon reaching the Master tier or higher, there will no longer be any divisions. Instead, your ranks will be determined by how many Victory Points (VP) you have.

VP is earned by winning matches. The amount of VP obtained each match varies on skill matchups, if you are matched against higher VP players and win, you gain more VPs. There is no limit to how many VPs you can acquire. However, players will compete on who has the most VPs until the end of the season. 

What is Victory Points decay?

If players stopped playing Wild Rift for a long time, their VP starts to decay. Players can bank up points by playing games, up to 10 points. One point will be deducted per day if the player doesn’t log in and play a match. After the 10 points have been deducted, the player will start losing VP and will drop down to lower ranks.

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Ranked Rewards

Players who reached the Gold tier and above will receive a Glorious skin. The skins vary every ranked season. For this season, Glorious Tryndamere can be obtained by players upon reaching the Gold tier and above.

Wild Rift Ranks ExplainedSeason 1 Glorious Tryndamere Skin

Along with the free skin, banners will also be given to players to showcase their highest attained ranked for the season. The banners’ design will vary each season, so players can look forward to getting new banners for each ranked season. 

Due to Wild Rift being still in its beta phase, the Ranked System is being improved from time to time. The devs stated that they would be adding the banning system and the role selection queue sometime before season 2 starts.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on getting the exclusive Glorious Tryndamere skin, as this skin might not be returning anytime soon once Season 1 ends. 


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