Wild Rift: Interesting Wukong Clone Mechanics You Might Not know

John Dave Rossel
25/Jan/2021 11:39 am

You might be playing Wild Rift for quite a long time, but even so, there are some things like these Wukong Clone Mechanics which you might not know.
Here are some things that Wukong can do that isn't explicitly stated by the game

Ever since the release of Wukong in Wild Rift, he has been a solid pick for Baron and Jungle lane players due to his high mobility and damage. His clones are mainly the reason why he’s so good in the game. However, Wukong still has a few tricks on his sleeve. Here are things that Wukong can do that the game hasn’t mentioned.

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Wukong's Clone mechanics that you may not know

These clone mechanics are simple yet very useful when playing as Wukong in Wild Rift. This could potentially trick your opponents or make them think twice before engaging with you.

Visual effects on the clone stays until the Clone disappears

Visual effects on the clone stay until the clone disperses. The buffs you receive expire, but most buffs that the clone receives will remain until it disappears. This means you can trick opponents into thinking that your clone is the real one and potentially force them to waste their ultimates on your clone. This also works on different buffs like the Gargoyle Boots Enchant. Almost any buffs you receive, the Clones will also get it.

Noteworthy Mechanics for Wukong in Wild RiftClone After Casting Barrier Summoner Spell

Clones Can Also Recall

This is a lot better than the previously mentioned trick. You can cast a recall and then activate your clone, and the clone will continue the animation while you run away and reposition. This is an excellent trick to have if someone is chasing you and potentially bait them since you become invisible after casting your clone. 

Noteworthy Mechanics for Wukong in Wild RiftClone Casting Recall

Clones Can’t Crit

This one is for High Elo players. Many lower ranks players don’t really notice this, but in higher ranks, this is pretty noticeable. Wukong clones don’t do crit damage, meaning they also won’t do crit animations. This will alert experienced players and blow your cover.

This also applies to runes, meaning your clones can’t take advantage of your runes, and observant players might notice this.

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Ultimate And Stasis Combo

Most League of Legends PC players might already have an idea of how this works. Most channeling or continuous skills will continue to work despite being under stasis. The same can be done in Wild Rift. This makes Wukong invincible while using his ultimate skill but still spin around, deal damage and knock up enemies.

Noteworthy Mechanics for Wukong in Wild RiftUltimate Skill While Under Stasis Effect

It’s a pretty basic combo, but it can help you if you plan on engaging the enemy and want to stay safe while you’re casting your ultimate. 


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