Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB Players

John Dave Rossel
8/Jan/2021 02:16 pm

With the success of Wild Rift, some MLBB players are hoping to jump in to the game and try it themselves.
These are champions in Wild Rift that share similarities with heroes from MLBB that can ease the transition.

Wild Rift has garnered a lot of attention from the mobile gaming community and has sparked the curiosity of some players from the popular MOBA mobile game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Many are curious about the game and would like to give it a shot.

However, jumping into an unknown territory might be a bit hard for MLBB players who are not familiar with League of Legends. Here are some champions that have slightly similar mechanics to some MLBB heroes that you’re familiar with.

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Tank/ Fighter: Garen - Similar to Tigreal/Balmond

Garen is widely known for his fairly easy mechanics. People even joke around and say that all you have to do is “Spin-to-Win.” This is true in some aspects, but what makes Garen a good champion for MLBB players is that he can soak up a lot of damage and can regenerate health in a flash as long as he is out of combat. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

MLBB fans will find that he is a combination of Tigreal and Balmond from the game. Garen can play as a tank or a fighter class. Similar to Balmond’s Cyclone Sweep, Garen has the Judgement skill where he spins around damaging enemies around him. 

He also has a charging attack: Decisive strike, similar to Tigreal but instead of knocking up enemies, he will silence enemies who get hit within 3 seconds after casting his skill. Additionally, he gains extra movement speed and removes any slowing effects on him.

Garen can also deliver a final blow with his ultimate that increases in damage based on the enemies missing health, an ultimate skill similar to Balmond’s Lethal Counter who also deals extra damage based on the enemy’s missing health. Overall, a pretty simple champion that MLBB players can easily pick up and play. 

Marksman: Jinx - Similar to Layla

Jinx has similar mechanics to Layla in MLBB, surely, this is a good champion to start if you main marksman in MLBB. Both these characters share slight similarities that make learning how to play Jinx a little bit easier for players who are familiar with Layla. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

Jinx gains extra attack speed the more she basic attacks enemies, but she can switch her weapon into a rocket launcher slowing her attack speed but also turning his basic attacks into an AoE damage with increased ranged. 

Jinx’s 2nd skill, Zap skill, is similar to Layla’s Void Projectile skill. These skills both slow their enemies giving them a chance to keep those machine guns pumping lead. Their ultimate are both used to finish off enemies. Jinx fires a rocket that deals extra damage depending on the enemies missing health. 

Support: Blitzcrank - Similar to Franco

If you’re a Franco main then you’re in luck, Blitzcrank is available in Wild Rift. Both of them have the first skill that grabs opponents at a distance and played as tanks who deals a considerable amount of damage. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

If you play as Franco, you usually want to hold on to the enemy as long as you can after a successful hook, similar to how Blitzcrank is played in Wild Rift. After a successful hook, send them flying with your Power Fist skill then use your ultimate to silence them. A good hook from Blitzcrank usually ruins the enemy team’s positioning allowing your teammates to take control of a teamfight.

If Franco’s passive gives increased movement speed, Blitzcrank has the Overdrive skill which makes him move and attack faster. This allows him to position himself better and grab enemies out of their safe zone. The drawback is, he gains a slow debuff after the duration of the skill for a few seconds. 

Fighter: Xin Zhao - Similar to Zilong

Looking at Xin Zhao’s splash art, you can already see a lot of similarities to Zilong from MLBB. From the hairstyle down to the weapon they are using, they look like distant relatives. They both share similar mechanics, get close and personal to enemies and slap them with your spear. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

Similar to Zilong, Xin Zhao gains an empowered basic attack after 3 consecutive attacks and heals him. 

His Audacious Charge skill is similar to Zilong’s Spear Strike where he dashed to a target but the difference is, he gains attack speed and slows his target, unlike Zilong how reduces his enemy’s defense by a small percentage. 

Xin Zhao works best during duels where he is alone with his target. His ultimate skill knocks back all the enemies close to him except one enemy whom he chooses to duel with. He is perfect for players who enjoy 1v1 fights or catching unsuspecting enemies in the jungle. 

Mage: Orianna - Similar to Kagura

Orianna has slightly similar mechanics to Kagura in MLBB. They both revolve around throwing an object and catching it to gain special effects. Needless to say, Kagura mains might find Orianna a bit interesting if they plan on trying out Wild Rift. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

Orianna’s skills revolve around her mechanic ball. She can command this ball to attack enemies or shield allies. Her ultimate is the opposite of Kagura’s ultimate. Instead of knocking back enemies, Orianna casts a vacuum that sucks in enemies in her ball allowing the team to easily follow up with their AoE spells. 

Honorable Mention

Marksman: Ashe - Similar to Miya

She is commonly compared to Drow Ranger from DOTA2 and Miya from MLBB due to their similar appearance and mechanics. If you’re a big fan of Miya, then you’re gonna love Ashe in Wild Rift. 

Top 5 Wild Rift Champions That Are Easy For MLBB PlayersCredits: Riot Games

Similar to Miya, Ashe also has a skill that shoots multiple arrows in a cone shape. Her Volley Skill fires 5 arrows and enemies hit will be slowed. 

Her passive lets her basic attacks slow enemies and deal bonus damage from enemies hit by her frost arrows. The slow effect is also enhanced if she deals critical damage but the downside is that she does not gain bonus damage from critical strikes. It’s a good tradeoff nonetheless, good for keeping enemies pinned down as you do basic attacks. 

Her ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is slightly similar to Miya’s Arrow of Eclipse skill. Ashe’s ultimate can travel a long distance and stun enemies who get hit by it and slowing other enemies around them. The stun duration increases the further the arrow travels which makes it annoying when you got hit from a far distance. 

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Wild Rift may seem complicated for players who are newly introduced to it, but the game offers a wide range of tutorials that can help you start your journey. With the champions listed here, you can start playing the game and perhaps make the transition to the Riot MOBA just that little easier.


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