Best RAM Loadout in Warzone

Abhimannu Das
4/May/2021 05:28 am

The best RAM loadout in Warzone features 50-round mag and other quality of life attachments for better weapon range and ease of use.
You should be using a 50-round mag as the RAM-7's default 30-round mag feels inadequate in 1v1s.
The PBX Holo 7 sight is one of the best options to go for if you want to be effective at range.

RAM loadouts in Warzone can be used very effectively if you are a fan of ARs and can control the difficult recoil pattern on the weapon. While the RAM-7 may not have the same lethality as the M4A1, it is often overlooked and if you know how to setup the best RAM loadout in Warzone, you can be lethal in close to medium range. If you compare it to most weapons in the game, the RAM-7 beats out most weapons in its class in terms of time-to-kill but it can be difficult to use. Here is a look at the best RAM loadout in Warzone for the right mix of ease of use and lethality. 

Best RAM Warzone Loadout

Here is the best RAM Warzone loadout: 

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

If you want to make the best RAM loadout in Warzone you have to use the monolithic suppressor as it is a staple for the gun. The 10% Damage Range and 15% Bullet Velocity makes the gun feel a lot better at range and the fact that it keeps you off the radar, makes it too valuable not to run with the RAM-7. 

Barrel: FSS Ranger

The FSS Ranger is the best way to get a massive 37% damage range boost and a 62% bullet velocity boos. You also get a bit of recoil reduction which makes the gun feel a lot better thanks to the barrel. All three stats are very important when it comes to improving handling on the weapon and you should be running the FSS ranger at all times. 

Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip

It offers recoil stabilization and aiming stability, both of which help with the frustrating left horizontal recoil which can be difficult to control even if you have great aim. The Underbarrel makes it to the best RAM loadout in Warzone because of how much easier to use the RAM-7 becomes thanks to the underbarrel. 

Optics: PBX Holo 7 Sight

You want to get a sight that gets the job done and various ranges and the Holo 7 is one of the best options to go for. 

Ammo: 50-round 

By default, you get only 30 round mags which feels inadequate, and upgrading it to 50 rounds makes it feel a lot more viable. 

Despite it being the best RAM loadout in Warzone, the weapon can still feel a little finicky to control. You will need a fair bit of practice before you get used to the recoil pattern of the RAM-7. 

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