How To Unlock The Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge In Apex Legends Arenas

Abhimannu Das
2/May/2021 10:14 am

To unlock the Ash 'Impress Me' badge you will need to complete a hidden quest within the next two days.
Once Season 9 goes live, the badge will no longer be available as it is tied to the current season.
A tracker should also be available as soon as the Arenas update hits if you complete the quest.

If you want to earn the Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex Legends you have until May 4 to grab it. Once the new season goes live, the ongoing quest will no longer be active and you will miss out on this limited-time badge. There is a ‘Decrypt the Passcode’ quest going on that asks you to go find some hidden items on Olympus and King’s Canyon. Once you complete the quest you will unlock the Apex Legends’ Ash ‘Impress Me’ badge. The badge is also supposed to unlock a kill tracker for when Arenas comes out later this week. Here are all the quest steps involved and a rundown of how you can earn the Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex. 

How to Unlock The Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex Legends: Collect One Keycard From Care Packages

To earn the Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex Legends, you need to collect a keycard by opening a care package in either Olympus or King’s Canyon. Simply head to a care package and open it and you will get three keycards for each person in the team that pop out from the care package. Interact with a keycard and you will successfully trigger the quest. 

How to Earn The Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex Legends: Find Six Hidden Holo Sprays 

The next part of the quest requires you to find 3 three holo sprays. There are three random locations in each match that can contain the holo sprays. Here are all known locations: 

Easter Egg Locations in Skull Town

  1. Top of The Cage.
  2. River side of Bunker.
  3. Top of Crash Site.
  4. Roof of the large structure near the mountainside outside Singh Labs.
  5. Under the entrance of the large structure at the north side of Offshore Rig.
  6. Inside the secret lab at Caustic Treatment.
  7. Under a building on the north side of Creature Containment.
  8. East side of Swamps near the edge of the map.
  9. West side of Runoff.
  10. Top of Skull Salvage.
  11. At a building south of Watchtower South.
  12. Inside The Pit, on the north side.
  13. On the outside of the large bunker at Hydro Dam.
  14. In an open space south of Artillery Battery.
  15. On top of the large wall on the south side of Artillery Battery.
  16. North side of Airbase.
  17. West side of Spotted Lake, near the X-shaped building.

Easter Egg Locations in Olympus

  1. Top of the center building at Autumn Estates.
  2. In the middle of the Arcadia Supercarrier, located on a suspended beam.
  3. On top of a wall in Central Turbine going to Hammond Labs.
  4. On the roof of Hammond Labs.
  5. Behind the central suspended structure on Orbital Cannon Test Site.
  6. Under a bridge in the center of Hydroponics.
  7. Northeast of Elysium.
  8. Under the bridge between Orbital Cannon Test Site and Bonsai Plaza.
  9. On top of a building on the west side of Rift Aftermath.
  10. In the northwesternmost building at Bonsai Plaza.
  11. In the north building at Velvet Oasis.
  12. Inside a building at Energy Depot, near Hammond Labs.
  13. Easternmost part of the map, east of Golden Gardens.
  14. Inside the middle tower at Grow Towers.
  15. Northernmost side of the map, just north of Power Grid.

Once you have six of the holo sprays you can head to the firing range and you will see a marker. Interact with it, and it will start an interactable cutscene. Wait out the cutscene and you will earn the Ash ‘Impress Me’ Badge in Apex Legends. 

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