Apex Legends: Legacy – How Will the New 3v3 Arenas Work

Abhimannu Das
27/Apr/2021 07:17 am

Apex Legends: Legacy will introduce a brand new 3v3 Arenas game mode which will have its own ranked playlist.
The upcoming mode will allow players to directly purchase weapons and items before each round instead of relying on random loot.
Arenas will be available to all players on May 4 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends: Legacy is the next season in the game that is set to launch on May 4. The upcoming season will not only bring new content to the battle royale modes but Apex Legends: Legacy is introducing a brand-new 3v3 mode as well. The upcoming game mode will be a permanent addition to the game as part of Apex Legends: Legacy and a ranked mode will also be introduced for players who want to showcase their skill in the new game mode. Here is a rundown of everything you can expect from the upcoming game mode. 

Apex Legends: Legacy Arenas Overview 

Apex Legends’ Legacy update will include the new 3v3 game mode as a permanent addition. Instead of competing against 19 other squads, you will have to make your way through just one. You need to survive and win fights and secure wins in multiple rounds. Players will also be able to purchase the loot they want using points. Each round will have a buy phase that will allow you to purchase healing items, armor, and weapons. Loot does not carry over across rounds and your performance will affect how many points you receive after the first rounds. 

To win an Arenas match, here is what you need to do as a team: 

  • Win at least three rounds 
  • Be ahead of the enemy team by two points
  • Teams locked 4-4 will enter a Sudden Death round 

How Will Gear Work in Apex Legends: Legacy

Arenas Apex Legends Win or lose, each round starts fresh with base equipment and some materials to use. You have to decide how you want to approach the upcoming round by using your materials to get weapons, upgrade them, and pick up any additional supplies you need from the map. The bar is raised every round as more materials are awarded than the previous round, giving you more options and letting you upgrade further as the match progresses.

Getting a weapon for the first time gives you the base gun without any attachments. There will be a white, blue and purple tier. Hop-ups will not be available before the purple tier. Players can also choose the preferred optic for each weapon and upgrading unlocks additional optics. While weapons do not carry over to subsequent rounds, ultimate and tactical abilities will. 

Apex Legends: Legacy Arenas Maps

Arenas Apex Legends Here are the maps that will be available in Apex Legends: Legacy

  • Artillery from Kings Canyon
  • Thermal Station from World’s Edge
  • Golden Gardens from Olympus
  • Party Crasher from Olympus (NEW)
  • Phase Runner from World’s Edge (NEW)

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